German language thematic course book


Thematic Courses

Geschäftskurs – Thematic Courses

Do you possess a good level of German language but desire to improve in a specific area?  Or, do you know German well, but want to improve in a specific area?

Group size one-on-one, in groups or mini-groups
Duration 2 to 4.5 months, depending on student’s previous knowledge
Number of classes 32 classes x 45 minutes
Schedule on working days, one or two 90-minute classes or three 60-minute classes in the afternoon
Topics Telefonieren aufbaukurs, Telefonieren grundkurs, e-mail und schriftverkehr aufbaukurs, e-mail und schriftverkehr grundkurs

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The greatest advantage of our school is its learning method.  Through stimulating conversation, motivating teaching, and realistic life situations, you will master the German language through the method developed at the inlingua International® Pedagogical Centre and approved in its decades-long practice the world over.

“Fun, interesting, AND in German!”

“I always have a good time here: interesting people and interesting topics. And everything is in German!” Marko Randjelovic, a student
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The conversational method from the very first lesson

Our language school applies the unique inlingua method based on conversation which starts from the very first lesson and is conducted exclusively in the foreign language. As a result, our students improve their language skills very fast, feel comfortable speaking, build up their vocabulary efficiently and actively use the new language.

We want a stimulating atmosphere

Because we choose appealing topics, classes will be fun! Through conversation and humour, we create a pleasant atmosphere that stimulates learning – so students achieve the best results. The teacher offers best-in-class instruction and appropriately motivates each student for maximum learning.

Group formation

We form groups after careful and professional testing. An oral and a written test show us precisely the level of knowledge of any student. This helps us form small, similar-ability learning groups. Here each student motivates him/herself and the others with their progress.

Internationally recognized certificate

inlingua® certificates issued to our students are internationally recognized. When you complete a course, you will be given an official certificate (according to the CEF categorization) with an appropriate mark.